Planning a “Baby Shower”?

It is not possible to say exactly when or where the “baby shower” idea originated.  Although there are various theories, these cannot be proven.  However and wherever it all started, we are happy it did, as it can only be a positive and fulfilling experience to celebrate a new life. 

Some evidence of baby showers has been found by historians dating back to ancient Roman and Egyptian cultures, although there is no definitive proof of this.  Many ancient cultures take the celebration of a new life serious, and this continues in today’s society. 

These celebrations from past times consisted of the giving of handmade gifts such as clothing, food, blankets, money and many more items for the new family.  Of course the most famous gifts bestowed on a new born were Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  Not may people however can afford or acquire these today, so any gift that can benefit the new family is greatly appreciated.  Previously these baby showers took place after the birth of the baby and often included viewing of the new baby. 

The format of the “baby shower” we celebrate today began after World War II, where friends and family organised a party to celebrate the birth of a new baby.  Initially only women, attended these gatherings, but this soon changed and many fathers, grandfathers and male family members also attended.  In recent years, the baby shower tends to occur before the actual birth of the baby.  Buying the wrong gift is also a thing of the past, with new technology enabling the parents to find out the sex of their baby before the birth.  Also there are huge ranges of “unisex” and “neutral” baby gifts if the sex of the baby is not known. 

Today baby showers are wonderful events enjoyed by expectant parents, where family and friends give generously toward the event whether in its organisation or bestowing gifts. 

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These days the theme or venue of the baby shower can be varied, although most common is an afternoon tea, held with close friends and family, and involving some games, gift opening, and the giving of favours to guests. However, there really are no restrictions as the main focus should always be on providing a fun atmosphere that the mum-to-be and her guests would enjoy – so use your imagination!

If you’re planning a baby shower but don’t know where to start, download our user guide with lots of advice, tips and a planner you can print and use throughout the event.  If you know a family member or friend that’s pregnant, give her a wonderful surprise and treat her to this special event, remember it’s not the done thing for mum-to-be to organise her own baby shower!

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